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Best Gifts on a Budget

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With the new year quickly approaching, comes remembrance, joy and gifts. We all have people we need to buy a gift for but struggle to find items that will make them happy without breaking our wallets. Here are some tips, tricks and ideas for gifts that your loved ones will love within your budget. The best gifts on a budget.


Books can be inexpensive and long-lasting, making them the perfect gifts on a budget for friends and family. Relaxing in the wintertime with a good book is an experience everyone should have. . Here are some titles you should consider:

gifts on a budget thriller book

The Family Upstairs

by Lisa Jewell

One House, Two families, Three Bodies. This highly rated thriller is sure to keep them entertained throughout the winter. It has been described as “a twisty and engrossing story of betrayal and redemption“. This New York Times Bestselling novel has an interesting premise for a reasonable price. You can read the synopsis at the links below.

gifts on a budget book

The Keeper of Lost Things

by Ruth Hogan

This is unique uplifting fiction is a fantastic gift for friends and family who love to read. This “Perfect Cozy Up” novel will be great as they wrap themselves up with blankets with some tea or coffee. A review of the book by J.D can be seen here. You can read the synopsis at the links below.

gifts on a budget fantasy book

House of Earth and Blood

by Sarah J. Maas

Winter can make people in the mood for some Fantasy. This Goodreads winner for best fantasy is sure to scratch that itch. The captivating romance and suspense elements kept readers engaged throughout the novel. You can read the synopsis at the links below.

gifts on a budget interesting book

The Midnight Library

by Matt Haig

One Library. Infinite Lives. This Goodreads winner for best fiction has an intriguing story that entices all kinds of readers. It is a Sunday Times bestseller that will make you question your own decisions. You can read the synopsis at the links below.

The Unwanted

by Z.T.Soyoye

“Let the Lightning Engulf you”. This Fantasy Mystery novel is sure to keep them turning pages late into the night. This “amazing story of courage, self-discovery and so much more” is a great gift for any fan of the genre. You can read the synopsis at the links below.

Gift Cards

A gift for everyone. When struggling to think of a gift for someone, you can never go wrong with a gift card. This can be given for a place you know they visit/use often e.g. Starbucks and Amazon(US ; UK). Many establishments provide a wide variety of options, this allows you to pick a price that works with your budget.

Funny/ Meme Gifts

Laughter is the best medicine and can also be the best gift. Sometimes getting a non-practical gift is the way to go. This is specifically for those people who can purchase what they want when they want it. What do you get for someone who has/ can get everything? A laugh. This can be something that references a funny moment between you two or just a general meme that makes you both laugh e.g. the circle hand meme

Sentimental/ Personalised Gifts

A great gift is something you know will make the person happy. This might be something useful that they might need. This could be as simple as clothes, a practical gift that everyone uses.

But when it comes to shopping for your parent or someone older, sentimental gifts work best. Something personal that they can cherish. Useful gifts are not always appreciated as it is something they can purchase themselves. An example of a personal gift might be an engraved necklace for your mom or a wallet with a nice message engraved inside for your dad. Although these are great gifts, they can also be quite expensive. If so, a gift that reflects your relationship might be better such as a cross necklace, a box of different memories.

For someone younger like a sibling or child, sometimes money works fine or something to consider their interests. For example, for a brother who enjoys gaming, you can get them some games they’ll love such as God of War, Detroit Become Human or Spiderman. Be careful when doing this as you have to confirm they do not have the game already as well as the console they play on. Another example is for a sister who enjoys makeup, a new makeup set might be a nice gift to give.

If none of these suit the person you are trying to buy a gift for, be sure to browse some stores until you find a gift that you think they’d enjoy. There are many great products out there even a Christmas jumper would do. Try Amazon’s Christmas Shop! Best of luck with your Christmas shopping! Hope you find the best gifts for your budget. Happy Holidays!

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