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The Beauty of Books

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Stories are amazing. They impact us in ways we never expect. Whether it’s a subtle theme we adopt into our everyday lives or as a great way to connect to like-minded people. Stories have always been an incredible way to share experiences and ideas. A good story can make days seem like hours and hours seem like minutes. One of the best mediums to tell a story is via books. Books are an amazing way to digest a story whether it is an audiobook, eBook or paperback. Many people choose books to bring a story to life because they value the beauty of books. They can elevate the reader’s experience of a story to a whole new level.

Why Books?

It allows the writer to deliver a powerful narrative with limitless creativity. Books can articulate a journey for the reader and have a scene play in their minds allowing for almost unmatched immersion. Unable to rely on visual storytelling or audio cues, books cannot engage the five basic senses. Only with words as their guide, books must hold the reader’s attention and provide a worthwhile experience. Some might see this as a disadvantage, not offering the readers enough to keep their attention, on the contrary, it allows all the time and effort to be put into crafting an enticing story. Without the worry of finding competent actors or having dynamic camera work, books are purely story-driven, leading to some of the most astounding stories told.

Without the use of screens, reading demands the full attention of the reader. It doesn’t give viewers the chance to glance at their phones while reading. If they wish to do so they risk pausing their immersion and diminishing their enjoyment. Imagine a movie that pauses every time you take your eyes off it. To preserve their amusement, readers are fully engaged in the books they read. Taking them momentarily away from all their worldly stress and worry.

“No matter how high the volume on the tv is, books are always louder.” – J. D. Richards

Another beauty of books is it allows the reader to enjoy the story at their own pace. They can take appropriate breaks depending on their environment and attention span without detracting from the entertainment. Furthermore, the end of a chapter offers the incentive of a natural pause to the reader. This entices the reader to properly experience the story to its fullest.

Every mind is unique allowing each reader’s experience to differ depending on their background and preferences. From a character’s appearance to the look of a setting, the same book can impact readers in numerous ways or even the same reader differently when rereading. Features are subtly described, leaving most of the details up for interpretation. This gives the reader the freedom to fill in the blanks with their own ideal view.

The satisfying process of making a scene come to life in your own mind is like no other. This allows writers to fully utilize the reader’s imagination and make stories that couldn’t exist in any other medium. No need for CGI or expensive practical effects, just words.

The Story Beyond The Pages

Books themselves have character. They can follow the owner wherever they go so have the added benefit of telling a story of where they’ve been. Every cut, smudge and stain is a physical reminder of the owner’s experience while reading. Books allow us to keep a memento of the story we read and every glance brings back those feelings. Having a collection of books is a profound feeling that illustrates the owner’s interests to viewers. From the way they arranged to the genre of each book, they portray the personality of the owner and the story beyond the pages. This is the beauty of books.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. I have always loved stories and books are a wonderful medium to experience them. Personally, I love each medium for different reasons but I wanted to talk about books today. So I have a question for the hardcore readers out there. Why do you choose to read books over movies, tv shows or other mediums? What about reading offers a unique experience over the other mediums for you? What about reading gives you the passion for books?

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23 July 2021 at 9:04 am

This is a very well articulated and relatable post. I love reading as it allows me to explore amazing albeit imaginary worlds and go on extraordinary adventures from the safety of my couch. Although I’m perfectly content with my real life (as plain and uneventful as it is), I feel like I’ve lived many lives through the books I’ve read. To those who know me, I’m a wife and a mother who works behind a computer all day long and then complains about back pains. But deep down I know I’ve been a queen, a warrior, a vampire, and a demon in the last week alone and who knows what adventures await me next week. So I’m happy that I get to live so many lives and even create a few of my own. And when I’m happy I love to share that happiness around me.

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