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This is a book trailer for my novel, The Unwanted by Z.T.Soyoye. It’s a video to announce the Hardcover version of the book is now available! Be sure to like, comment and share! Grab a Hardcover copy on Amazon today!

The first book in a brand-new series filled with mystery and intrigue.

A thrilling young adult adventure with gripping characters and a fascinating story.

Follow a determined young man as he tries to push past his limits, fears and self-doubt to overcome every obstacle.

Will his intuition, persistence and compassion be enough?


Let the Lightning Engulf you.

15-year-old Alexander Charon embarks on his journey at a new school as he struggles to form bonds and relationships with those around him. He begins to unravel his hidden talents, forcing his life to take an unexpected turn as he witnesses the murder and kidnapping of his friends.

He must use his newly found skills to solve mysteries and protect those he cares for before it’s too late. Can Alex rise up as he attempts to persevere against adversities? Or will he fall into despair as hope dwindles with each new obstacle?

Fans of Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare will be captivated by this thrilling new series.

I’ve been working on this video for months now so I’m super excited to finally share it with all of you. A lot of talented people worked together to help make this video possible and I can’t thank them enough. Tell me if you would like a part 2!

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Hey if you’re reading this, thanks for checking out my post. What did you think of the animation? If you’re interested check out the book! It’s something I’m really proud of and spent many years working on. Let me know if I should keep making videos like this.

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Telling stories has always been a passion of mine, and being able to publish a book has been one of my greatest achievements. Turning my passion for telling stories into a career as an Author has been one of my significant accomplishments. Since 2016, I’ve been constantly educating myself with new ideas and challenging myself with different writing techniques in order to provide the most immersive experience to my readers.


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